Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Measure Running Routes with Google Maps

Google Maps is only about seven months old but it has spawned a host of cool mapping applications. Damien mentioned one recently. The Google Maps Mania blog has links to dozens of other apps.

Here's an application that's great for runners. Gmaps Pedometer lets you measure the distance of any running route. As you trace your route, it automatically places markers at one mile increments. Best of all you can turn your route into a "Permalink". Click on Permalink and then bookmark the page for future reference. It's pretty incredible the whole route can be encoded in a URL.

Here's a Permalink for Leg 6 of the Lake Winnipesaukee Relay. I'm going to be running leg 6 this year. Now I know approximately where the mile posts are.

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Your Sister Dee Dee said...

Thanks Dave. I have been hooked on the satellite maps every since our nephew Mike's fiance Megan told me about it. This running route distance measurer is way cool.

Love to you and your family!