Friday, September 23, 2005

How to Pronounce Worcester

In response to this post on Bob's blog, some people have been commenting on the correct way to pronounce Revere, Gloucester, and other Massachusetts town names. Bob posted a link to How to Pronounce Massachusetts Town Names. I think it's mostly accurate.

But Worcester is not pronounced WOO-STAH. The correct way to say it is WIS-TAH. That's how people in GAAD-NA say it.


Roy said...

WOOSTAH....WISTAH... it all depends on what paht of Ipswich yah from.

Bob said...

Thanks for the clarification Dave. Prounciation can vary depending on where you are. For example: my first apartment in the Boston area was in Somerville. People in Cambridge and Boston insisted that the proper pronounciation was "Slum-a-ville". ;-)

Joe said...


The town is actually named for the County Town of Worcestershire in England, and should, in fact, be pronounced WOO-ster. There is a very famous sauce used in cooking called Worcestershire sauce, and even it is pronounced WOO-ster Sos!


Joe (UK)

Anonymous said...

Worcester should always be pronounced Wuss-ter.