Thursday, September 01, 2005

$3.09 and Other Horrors

On the way home last night, I paid $3.09 per gallon for a tank of mid-grade gas. I think the price had jumped 20 cents from earlier in the day. What a pain, but pictures of the devastation from Hurricane Katrina surely put things in perspective.

Some experts are saying the nationwide average price for a gallon of gas could easily reach $4.00 soon. I understand the price of crude is rising and Katrina has reduced our refining capacity, but it still feels like OPEC and Big Oil are making a killing. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people in Louisiana and Mississippi have lost everything. Maybe I'll work at home for the rest of 2005 and send what I would have spent on gas to the American Red Cross.


Anonymous said...

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The furniture industry is mobilizing a massive effort to provide thousands of mattresses to ensure that no child in America should have to sleep on the floor. Within 48 hours the site will be able to accept donations from the general public. In the meantime, donations sent to the address on the website are greatly appreciated.

Americans donated nearly a billion dollars in aid for victims of the tsunami. I'm one guy who firmly believes that we'll match that level of support for fellow Americans.


directorblue said...

Recommend considering a short-term hedge with an investment in something akin to a Fidelity Energy Services mutual fund. For a long-term investment, there are a couple of tiny biodiesel players listed here that could be interesting, though quite risky.

Veronica Morales said...

"Dont buy gas if you dont need it" -- George W. Bush