Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Labor Day Parade

Labor Day is not typically associated with parades, but the Milford, New Hampshire Labor Day Parade is a long-running tradition. It's mostly about amateur floats, local marching bands, and antique cars. In an election year, there are lots of politicians there too.

This year the only politician in attendance was New Hampshire Governor John Lynch. Next year we'll see a dozen or more politicians running for local, state and federal offices. Two years from now, the parade will include a gaggle of presidential candidates preening for the first-in-the-nation primary voters.

Here are some photos from this year's parade.

Fire Trucks. The noise from the horns and sirens was deafening.

Governor John Lynch and Family.


Bektash. I don't know anything about Bektash, but the kids love these guys.

Local Civil War Re-Enactors.

Oktoberfest Band.

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