Thursday, April 12, 2007

Waterfalls in the Souhegan Valley

I have lived in New Hampshire's Souhegan Valley for more than twenty years. For most of that time, I was unaware of the beautiful waterfalls in the area. These are not grand, attention seeking, drama-queen-type waterfalls. They are unassuming, yankee-type waterfalls tucked away in town forests and at the edges of farmers' fields. But they are beautiful just the same.

Here is a concise guide to the local waterfalls I've visited. It is a guide I wish I had years ago.

Lower Purgatory Falls

Purgatory Falls

Location: Off Purgatory Road, Milford (map).
Height: Approximately 10 feet.
Directions: See the Purgatory Watershed Conservancy page for directions. There are directions to both the lower falls, pictured above, and the upper falls. The upper falls are nice, but the lower falls are more accessible.

Tucker Brook Falls

Tucker Brook Falls

Location: Tucker Brook Town Forest, Milford (map).
Height: Approximately 10 feet.
Directions: See the Tucker Brook Town Forest page. The Savage Road entrance is closest to the falls.

Old Reservoir Falls

Old Wilton Reservoir Falls

Location: Off Isaac Frye Highway, Wilton (map).
Height: Approximately 25 feet.
Directions: From Nashua, take Route 101A west to Route 101. Continue west on Route 101 to Isaac Frye Highway in Wilton. Go 1.5 miles north and park where stream runs under the road (this is just before Putnam Road). You can park at the mouth of the dirt road on your right. Walk .25 miles down the dirt road to the falls. The road is private property, but the owner welcomes visitors. Just be quiet, considerate and carry out your own trash.

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Kudla said...

Good stuff. Thanks for the directions. There is something transcendetally peaceful about watching the rush of water on its eternal journey, wherever that may be...