Friday, January 20, 2006

Kids Today!

The Wall Street Journal Online reports some Computer Science students are using the Internet to outsource their homework. Some use a service called RentACoder to put their homework out to bid. For example:
"I need a simple console-based program and a PHP script written that uses the openssl library."

"I need 2 algorithms filtering -- median and Gaussian."

"A C++ program that will implement a billing system using threads. Needs to be completed tonight if possible."

RentACoder is normally used for legitimate business purposes. The report stresses that a only tiny minority of students use services like RentACoder.

(Via Slashdot where there are plenty of comments about the offenders' bright future in middle management.)


Sanjay said...

You can also outsource your homeowrk. There are online sites from which you can hire a tutor and get your homeworks done. I myself was a member of They provide homework help and will also give full solution to your homework. Its a good thing as long as you are learning from it.

Anonymous said...

Is using rentercoder and myhwsolution safe, has anyone ever contacted the student's school? Last year I got school papers and take home tests done localy. How does rentercoder and myhwsolution compare pricewise to the DFW, Texas area. My classes resumed on the 7th with midterm on the 18th. I'm needing to have some more work done but need to make sure it's kept confidential.

Hans Bobermin

Hanks said... and are safe. They will not release your identity to anyone. Well I haven't used DFW, but works by a bidding system where as usually takes 14-20 USD based on assignment size.