Friday, October 07, 2005

Four Minutes

Last night, I watched Four Minutes on ESPN2. In case you've missed the previews, it is an ESPN original movie about Roger Bannister and his record sub-4 minute mile in 1954. It was very well done, but left me wanting to know more about his training techniques.

At one point, the four minute mark was considered unattainable. It was modern training techniques as much as talent that allowed Bannister to get there first. The movie is understandably short on the details. Now I guess I'll have to read The Perfect Mile for the whole story.

Even so, the movie was very good. ESPN2 is replaying it throughout October. Check out the list of air-times.

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James Paul said...


Just watched Four Minutes a few days ago. Really enjoyed it. Bannister's pacemakers really got my attention. I guess pacemakers were extremely controversial during that era.

Nice blog.