Friday, June 08, 2007

Make Your Own Caption

Make Your Own Caption

I was walking past Castro's Back Room in downtown Nashua this morning when I saw this guy dragging his cigar store indian out to the front of the shop. I snapped this picture as quickly as I could. I think it's a funny image, but it really needs a good caption. Can you think of one?


Anonymous said...

Cigar Store Indian: "Ha. Made you look."

Pete said...

I love Castro's That's Eric and I believe he is the owner of said shop. Great picture Dave.

Pete said...

As for a caption:

'You stay here while I check it out'

Brian said...

How about this for a caption:

"Smokin' a cigar outside Castro's...$15.

Smokin' a cigar outside Castro's while stroking a cigar store Indian's chest...priceless.

m@ said...

Thanks for the cigar. At ease.

Tracy Lee said...

Yup, that is Eric and he is the owner and a good friend.

Here's another image of him -

Donna said...

I like Pete's best! ;-)

tr said...

Yes,,,I see 'em too. it's city-folk come outta the east

(I like "made you look better", spent 19 years with CV, used to live In Nashua, forgot all about that injun', Now in San Diego)