Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Vast Centrist Conspiracy

We have been listening to the thunder of partisan politics for so long, it can be difficult to hear the moderates speak. Is it just me, or are the moderate voices getting louder? Here are just a few I've heard lately:I'm sure there are others too who want to replace all the talk about wedge issues with serious, civil discourse on the important issues of the day. The question is will their voices be heard?

I'm afraid both major parties have already nominated candidates from the fringes. It may be too late to inject reason into the mid-term elections, but I'm hoping for a vast centrist conspiracy to take hold in 2008.


Bob said...

While chatting with a conservative friend recently I said that I had decided to become Middle-tarian, that both ends of the spectrum are nuts. His response "Moderate == no opinion" ;-)

Kudla said...

I'm with you Dave.
Alas, I fear it is a pipe dream.

If a centrist movement is really to take hold, I believe the disenchanted (those who don't even bother to vote) need to be brought back in to the fold.

Dave Delay said...

Yes. The major parties have decided they can win elections by "energizing their base" (translation: scaring people into voting against the other guy).

I guess I'm hoping for a mid-term election that is a miserable failure for both parties. Then maybe they'll start paying attention to the center. But what scenario would both parties judge to be a failure? If 5% of the electorate voted, the party with the most seats in Congress would still declare victory. Very sad.