Monday, May 01, 2006

Home Improvement

Our 100-year-old house in Southern New Hampshire includes a twenty-year-young, two-story addition. The addition was built on top of six eight-by-eight wooden posts. The problem is some of the addition's main beams are sagging and the posts are slowly slipping off their footings. This is not imminently dangerous, but it will certainly make it difficult to sell the house when the time comes. (Why didn't our home inspector warn us when we bought the house? Good question, but I'm not going there.)

In any case, we are in the midst of a major home improvement project to fix the problem. Our contractor is going to replace the wooden posts with a solid concrete foundation. He'll dig, pour and frame above the foundation, one side at a time. The photo below shows the concrete forms on the interior wall.

A few friends and family members (probably very few) will be interested in more pictures like this, so I've started a photo journal of the project. It's called The Little Dig. If you are interested, you can even subscribe to this feed and watch the progress. Enjoy.

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