Friday, July 22, 2005

New Job

I've been quiet for a while. I started a new job on Monday. I am working for the same company, but I am no longer working on server-side, web-based applications. I've gone "back to my roots". I am working on a desktop application which I won't name on this blog. Here is a hint: The application is based on Eclipse.

I have been extremely busy this week learning about Eclipse, the plugin framework, and other topics. I haven't had time to read other blogs never mind update this one. In due course, perhaps I will say more about the new job and Eclipse in general. So far it looks like it will be very interesting and maybe even a little fun.


directorblue said...

email me your new contact info, if you would. ... without the hyphen.

Regards, Doug

Pete said...

Congrats Dave, I hope you have fun. In line with what Doug says, it would be nice if you had some contact info on the blog. There's been a couple of times I wanted to email you something off-line from the blog but couldn't find your address.