Sunday, June 05, 2005

Jackson Covered Bridge 10K

A few weeks ago I decided to run the Jackson Covered Bridge 10K. Jackson is in the heart of New Hampshire's Mt. Washington valley. The race web site describes the course as challenging with "a mile-long uphill starting in the first mile, rising about 500 feet in elevation." No problem. I recently ran a 12K with some hills. What goes up must come down.

On Friday, I checked the weather report. Saturday, race day, was going to be 85 degrees in Southern New Hampshire. No problem. It couldn't be that hot in the mountains. Also, race time was set for 10:00 AM, too early to worry about the heat.

As we assembled at the starting line on Saturday morning, it was at least 80 degrees. The race director cheerfully welcomed us to the "toughest 10K in New England." Uh Oh. This could be harder than I thought. I decided to just take it easy for the first mile.

The web site neglected to mention one important bit of information. The first uphill mile was followed by a second uphill mile easily as steep and punishing. Even worse, there was hardly any shade on the course. For me, it was the first time running in the heat this year.

In a word, it was a miserable race. I don't blame the race organizers at all. In fact, I'd like to go back next year and redeem myself. One rule about running is it demands specificity in training. If you are going to race on hills, you have to train on hills. If you are going to race in the heat, you have to train in the heat. Better luck next year.

Mt. Chocorua

At least I got some good pictures yesterday. Here's Mt. Chocorua from the shore of Lake Chocorua in Tamworth.

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