Wednesday, May 25, 2005

It's Not Newsweek's Fault

Newsweek publishes a false report about the desecration of the Koran and deadly riots erupt in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Andrew McCarthy (via Doug Ross) got it right when he said the riots are not Newsweek's fault.
Afghanistan has been an American reconstruction project for nearly four years. Pakistan has been a close American "war on terror" ally for just as long. This is what we're getting from the billions spent, the lives lost, and the grand project of exporting nonjudgmental, sharia-friendly democracy? A killing spree? Over this?
The American Left has been giving Muslim extremists a pass for years. Thank you, Mr. McCarthy, for showing that Conservatives are giving the extremists a pass when they blame Newsweek for the riots.

As a counterpoint to "the bigotry of low expectations", I like Fouad Ajami's cautious optimism on Iraq. Mr. Ajami is a Middle East scholar and frequent contributor to U.S. News. The world needs more strong Arab and Muslim voices who, like Mr. Ajami, resist the politics of victimhood.

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